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Well, I think this thread has had more than enough, so I am locking it.

Nerys, you need to get over it. Yes, ethanol will decrease your mileage. Now, you need to live with that mileage, or modify your engine to run better with it. You do realize you can probably modify your engine to run more efficiently on ethanol than gasoline? Even nascar is switching to ethanol blended gasoline, and they're getting more power out of it. Anyway ,this is ecomodder, we modify our cars to get better mileage, so learn about ethanol and do it. Whatever you do, you need to stop complaining about how ethanol is the devil and it should be banned. Its just not gonna happen, and its actually a great fuel once you learn something about it. Yes, the current production method is horrible, but that will be improved through cellulosic ethanol production methods. However, it also lessens our reliance on foreign oil. So, there are pluses and minuses. In any case, ethanol is here to stay and we'll only be using more of it in the future.
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