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I take all the "hype" with a grain of salt. I mean I'm sure they have numbers to back up their claims, but that's assuming near-perfect maintenance and charging, especially charging!

But as for the price barrier, yes it's definitely a reality.

Right now you can get "reasonably priced" Thundersky L-Ion batteries for EV-scale use. The problem is that they are far from the most advanced thing in lithium batts, and even then you can expect to shell out about $11,000 to get a full EV load of batteries depending on your application.

I think my $11,000 calculation was based off a 94 civic that would get around 100 miles per charge with a top speed of ~75mph. I can't really remember, it might have been for a pickup truck with the same range and less speed...
All that really matters is that the $11,000 still won't get you into Tesla roadster territory.
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