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I run a 400 A NH fuse. I got 3 of them complete with holders very cheaply from an electrical shop as they were old stock. I was a bit worried that they didn't have an obvious dc rating. However during an energy show earlier in the year I had about 5 guys from schneider electric looking at the car and they got me a datasheet on the fuse and its good to break 2ka dc.

This is a very strange problem with that truck. I think its safe to say the problem is using a bipolar transistor in place of a field effect. The battery problem is less clear. Bad smell is hydrogen sulphide if i'm remembering my chemistry. not good at all.

I'd look at getting some igbts with decent switching speed.

Now, Cole, when you shift the gear and that little needle on the ammeter goes into the red and reads 2000 Amps, that's bad.
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