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I still think the issue is in the control board here are some oddities that I found while measuring components while they were on the board. I couldn't test D3 but it was in the right way with the black line on the diode meeting up with the line on the PCB I tested it with the multimeter by putting it on ohms and taking the positive lead from the meter and putting it to the positive of the diode and negative to negative but I never could get anything on the meter other than OL maybe it won't measure in the circuit. R12 was a 10K. R9 was a 1.98K. R15 was a 220 ohm even though it looks like orange orange brown to me. VR1 measured 450 ohms even though I can remember measuring it before putting it on the board as 500 ohms maybe its just by being on the board. R14 measured 700 ohms. U8 is not backwards. D8 and D9 are not backwards but I couldn't test them properly either when I measured them with the multimeter positive to positive negative to negative I got 7.3k both ways.R18 measured 2.2k but I looked at it and the color code was definitely Orange black red 100 percent sure. Maybe I have to take these parts off to get a proper measurement? Does anyone have a board lying around maybe you could do some testing like I did and tell me what measurements you got?
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