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Once again I come seeking advice from the great DC guru's of Revolt design.
OK fellows I have finally got my EV licensed and registered to travel by way of the
macadimised pathways of Canada. Today was cold so I turned on my heated, which is a 110volt 1kw ceramic heater built into the core of the old radiator for the heater. It only gave off moderate heat but was sufficient to defrost the windshield. However, when I turned it off, it kept on working until I finally stopped and shut the 120volt dc off. I open the 12v bosch relay which I used to switch the heater on and off because it says it can handle 30 amps. The contacts were welded together so I now conclude that there must be a way that I can turn my heater on and off without burning up relays, but I am at my wits end. Can anyone out there offer any advice please. Ps I also have it wired so that the relay can not engage unless the fan is operating.
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