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Originally Posted by jackbauer View Post
the new build continues...Note the two resistors and schottky diode used on the igbt drive and the shorted gate to emitter pins on the high side for use as freewheel diode.

Nice job as always!

Could you do the kindness of posting the values of the resistors and diode.
I think that you did that earlier in the thread, but this is a pretty complete
picture of using the Revolt with a different power section.

Also, remind us of the part number of the IGBT module.
Is this pair "matched" for Vce from a case lot?
IE, it isn't two random modules put together.
I can see that you have used a number of poly caps here as well, and
that is a good thing!

Anyone contemplating this type of build will be well guided by this fine example.

Thank You for sharing!

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