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Coasting in neutral may be illegal, but some Honda and Toyota hybrids leave the factory programmed to do so. It's not an issue.

Crash tests are run at a few hundred lbs above curb weight, and cars become less safe as you add more, but they're not going to instantly disintegrate in a crash above GVWR. Stock brakes and handling can be assumed to be safe only up to the car's GVWR. It's a problem for low-budget EV conversions, but not so much for commercial BEV's like the Leaf.

This article shouldn't have lead with 375mi@55mph. That's a record I could break with $30k. They should have lead with "three times the energy density of LiFePO4's". That's amazing, and if they can work out the kinks (cost!), then it'll make future EV's more viable.

Also, I still want to know:

2500 cycles to what percent capacity? And don't say 100%, that's BS. What charge and discharge rate are required to achieve that figure?

And isn't LMP one of those chemistries that is capable of thermal runaway?
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