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Originally Posted by Piwoslaw View Post
I used the coolant heater for the first time yesterday: the outdoor temperature was 10C, the engine temperature after 30 minutes of heating was 24C. So whenever I can, I'll probably start preheating 1.5-2 hours before taking off. I wonder how much over ambient temperature I'll be able to get?
I'm not sure of the wattage of your heater but i have a 1KW heater that is pumped through the engine. After 2 hours it gets up to 55c, maybe a few more if it's not so cold. I have the option of making it a 2 or 3KW heater which would heat it quicker and lessen the time it has to dump heat as an alloy block loses heat very quickly!
I have to go now, my kid has gone to bed telling me he has plans to make a zombie garden tomorrow!! I may be busy making tombstones etc.
Not with coroplast though.
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