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Local commute suggestions

I recently moved a little closer to the community college I attend and I was wondering if you guys had any alternative transportation suggestions because I am beginning to feel it's not even worth driving.

It's 10-13 miles depending on which way I go.

I've looked into public transportation and there are no stops in my area that connect with the school.

I've tried asking classmates if they would like to carpool, but there really isn't any interest or schedules conflict. I was thinking about buying a Honda Metropolitan or Ruckus, but then again I'd still be using gasoline and the thing would be pegged most of the time (assumed bad FE).

Next is biking, which I don't have a problem with other than the fact I would be biking ~11 miles to school in the California sun and then sitting in class for x hours. I don't imagine I'd be very popular. Another issue is my current bike is a 20.5" BMX (Fit Team Trail). I thought about buying an e-bike but only have about $500 so that seems like a stretch.

Anything I could do short of take strictly online classes?

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