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Aveo - '08 Chevolet Aveo LS
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I know its not that good for fuel... but its the best I could find in chicagoland for 7 grand, being a 2008 with 34k miles, still under warranty. (I got it checked out by my girlfriend's dad who is a really good mechanic, so I can find out what I need to get fixed under warranty)

The problem with the aveo is not the aero, and it is not the engine.
The problem with aveo is the automatic transmission.
It shifts from first to 2nd at like 15mph, and then stays there till 44mph, then shifts to 3rd. When I'm going 35-43 I'm running 2500rpm to 3000rpm, then it drops back down to 1800rpm at 44. Sometimes I drive it up to 44mph, just to make it shift, then I drop back down to 40, to get better gas mileage...

I would drive a manual (I'd perfer it), but I would need practice first. I don't have anybody to teach me, since nearly everyone I know has an automatic.

I wonder if there is a way to reprogram my transmission... Its a 4 speed.
The aveo is a quasi decently fuel efficient vehicle at 45 to 55mph.

The other known issue with the aveo, especially with the EPA test, is they wear the car in first, and then test it. Well... try doing a car wear in and test on NGK stock copper plugs originally gapped at .044. When I bought the car with 34k miles on it, the engine was actually very sluggish.

The aveoforums people have some people getting MPG in the 40s, and they don't aeromod really.

I switched it for NGK iridium IX, I had a very significant power increase (yes I know a lot of that was just new plug).

Now given the fact that I have an aveo, and am stuck with the aveo, I want to do what I can to fix MPG.
Note, I'm an unemployed (lost my job and then has only had sidework and short temp jobs) college student that acquired money for a car from a fund that was setup when I was a baby for me to go to college (I ended up going for free).

If thats grillblock, underbody cover, and ziptieing black painted coroplast to my wheels, checking tire pressure compulsively, I'll do it.

I am a tad of an enviromentalist, but I'm a broke environmentalist.
End of sob story, lol.
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