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Originally Posted by thebrad View Post
Next is biking, which I don't have a problem with other than the fact I would be biking ~11 miles to school in the California sun and then sitting in class for x hours. I don't imagine I'd be very popular. Another issue is my current bike is a 20.5" BMX (Fit Team Trail). I thought about buying an e-bike but only have about $500 so that seems like a stretch.
Buy a backpack and bring a change of clothes - at least a different shirt

I bike commute in Central Florida sun... That is, hot - humid - and full sun hot I do, however, ride a recumbent at the moment - so I sweat a little less But, I used to commute on an extended diamond frame road bike. Keeping your elbows a little elevated puts you in a less aero position, but you get air to your underarms and stay cooler

But ya, you'd probably want a different bike for commuting... If you're vigilant, you can find a decent setup for cheap.. watch craigslist
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