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Tapered rear end

I liked the Prototype tapered rear on the home page. A class A motorhome with a taper in scale with that car might be 15 feet long. The undercarriage of a class A is huge so smoothing it seems impratical. I was thinking of the underside of the front being streamlined and streamlining in front of all wheels. Coming up with a proper shape to streamline the wheels I'd rather copy what has been tried. I will be making wheel skirts. I looked at air tabs for the rear. Seems tapered rear would be better. I don't tow a car like most Class A owners do.

So anyway, if anyone has seen anything done to a big fat motorhome....

I will take a look at the trailer stuff again. Some of those truck sites focus upon the gap between the tractor and the trailer.

There are some "aerodynamic" mud flaps out there. Supposed to smoothe out the spray with slots in the mudflap surface.
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