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Originally Posted by COcyclist View Post
Maybe the tail is not finished enough for unveiling? But you must have protected it with something so the winter rain and snow doesn't melt the spackeling, right? Do tell.

Also, I am hoping to see some more photos of your LED tail light array in action. It looks like you used a slew of bulbs instead of just replacing the factory ones like I did. Yours should be much brighter than stock. Amazing craftsmanship, by the way.
Sorry, but I get out of work at night so late, that by the time I'm home it's dark and can not get good pictures. And at work it sits around other vehicles in the parking lot.

I really do plan on getting other pictures, but it will wait until a weekend.

Yes, you are right that the Bondo spotting putty has been sealed with outside paint for the winter, just to seal it up.

I will get some closeup pictures of the tail for your viewing.


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