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Originally Posted by Lazarus View Post
I stay away from the first one. Here's a thread on one just like it.

I personally would not look for anything under 36 volts. I would go fo the KHS(the last one) as long as it fit's you properly. 10 miles sounds like alot but it really won't be that bad. Give it a try on the MTB or see if you can borrow a friends and do a test run. Be sure and scope out a safe route. The direct route is not always the safest.

Try the local Fire Alarm dealer. When they test the batteries for there systems if they don't pass they have to replace both of them. So you can get good batteries for free. W00T
Ebike kinda seems like a waste of time, that added weight will hinder more than help I think.

So KHS or this trek:

The trek is closer, but a pinch more expensive.

Also, it's not the 10 that scares me it's the total 20+ that gets me.
When I live in Northern CA a few months back (my last 3-4 months I lived less than a mile from work) I biked or walked everywhere I went unless I needed to go to cross the San Mateo bridge. If I needed to go further I would generally take Caltrain or just carpool with friends.
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