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Originally Posted by thebrad View Post
Ebike kinda seems like a waste of time, that added weight will hinder more than help I think.

So KHS or this trek:

The trek is closer, but a pinch more expensive.

Also, it's not the 10 that scares me it's the total 20+ that gets me.
When I live in Northern CA a few months back (my last 3-4 months I lived less than a mile from work) I biked or walked everywhere I went unless I needed to go to cross the San Mateo bridge. If I needed to go further I would generally take Caltrain or just carpool with friends.
The trek is a much better bike IMO. 10 miles on that would be a piece of cake it it fits properly. Fit is the most important thing. Also you'll have 2-4 hours to hydrate, eat and rest before you have to go back home. The more you ride the easier it gets once you get into shape. As mention eariler you could always drive halfway until you get into shape.
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