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65-70 MPG 650, ridden hard, w/o a fairing

I am very pleased with the slightly used 2009 BMW X-Country I bought. This is a 650 thumper / 50hp that will easily do 100mph. I routinely get it up to 80 or so on my commute. It's been a very consistent 65-70 mpg so far without a fairing. That's at 7000+ feet in altitude here in the foothills of the southern Rockies. Once I get a fairing on it, I plan to do a tank of gas at 55 and 60 tops to see what kind of mileage I can eke out of it.

This thing weighs in at just 325 pounds dry!

But it looks like a much heavier bike.

Originally Posted by Who View Post

84 MPG Imp. / 70 MPG / 3.4 LHK tooling around @ 50 MPH in New York State

it also got

29 MPG Imp. / 24 MPG / 9.7 LHK on Highway 401 @ 85 MPH

Which gave it the distinction if being the best and worst of my motorcycles.
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