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No log. I sometimes set my trip meter after filling up, and then when I fill up again, I do the math. You are getting great mileage. I'm actually surprised that a twin can get such great mileage. I did a lot of comparison before I bought this and none of the twins had ratings above 56mpg.

What is your altitude and how much do you weigh? (if you don't mind my asking). I'm about 200lbs, which probably isn't helping Also, it's a dual sport, so I don't always have the tires pumped up tight. They are the Tourance dual sport tires with aren't optimized for street or dirt, but are good for both.

I've been told my model is based on the Aprillia. Looks like it.

There is quite a range there between your best and worst. I never got below 56mpg, even when my exhaust pipe got clogged and needed to be replaced. But haven't really broken 70mpg yet either. We'll see. I think a decent fairing will make a big difference.

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Do you have a log about it? My Teresa is built on the same engine, is a bit more weighty (187kg/412lbs wet) (but still slim), and has a bit of fairing. Depending on the circumstances (weather, extra weight, road conditions, occassional hurry...) the mpg(US) I mostly get is in the 70s/80s. Sometimes under 70 (big hurry and/or side/headwind, rain, cold, extra weight), sometimes over 90 (nice weather, a bit of altitude, generously distributed PSL changes or outright P&G, noticeable elevation decrease over the - tank pick a few ) - all time best is 98.9, worst ever is 37, for a short distance but having to deal with all day long traffic jam without ANY experience - won't EVER happen again.
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