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Ryland is 100% right, above. I wrote "cheap traction circuit". Ryland has given us a better way. Let's add some light to this topic: We want 100% contact area between the copper bundle and the inside surface of the lug. That's the best we can do. So to accomplish this, we should evaluate the crimp to see how it complies. This means a crimp from one end of the interior of the lug to the other end. It also means 100% contact all around the copper bundle. This first part means that a hammer crimp would have to be made from one end to the other, multiple crimps. The second part means the lug has to be closed down all around the wire bundle, with no air gap. the bundle can be squised into an irregular shape, that's not a problem. When I do my test of a hammer crimp, I'll report back. Can any one post as to if a hammer crimp CAN accomplish most of this?? Another good result of Ryland's post is to call to everyones attention what is required of a crimp. Visually. Now you know what to look for! Thank you, Ryland.
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