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Miles remaining? I've got that now, and it's pretty much dead accurate, based on tank MPG, tank gallons used, and the configured tank size. Also got a working clock that's 100% completely and totally spot-on accurate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week... haven't reset the MPGuino in some 3... almost 4 weeks now, and it's still got the perfect time. Also made a huge number of modifications to the screens, to provide more intuitive flow of screens:
BIG MPG (instant)
BIG MPH (instant)
CPU usage (current/peak; free mem)
Remaining miles / clock

And the Instant/Current/Tank screens have been rearranged to provide more intuitive figures:
Gallons | Distance (on Instant screen, distance is replaced with current MPG for reference)

Also added a menu that allows me to edit different parameters instead of just jumping in and locking me into editing all system parameters with no way out... when I press L+R buttons, I'm presented with a menu of "Params, Clock, Tank, Exit" (image above). Params launches the usual all-parameter edit screen, but selecting "XX" backs out of all editing back to the main screen. Clock allows me to enter the clock time in 24-hour format. Tank lets me edit the tank gallons and tank miles, in case of an accidental reset or power cycle, using figures I recorded previously (say I need to take the MPGuino inside to reprogram or something). It takes those figures in value*1000, then converts them into VSS pulses and injector S/MS that the MPGuino works with internally, based on the configured values.

I think I've made waaaaay too many edits to this code now... lol.

But... what do you mean by VSS pass through? You mean, reproduce a VSS signal on a signal pin to drive the speedometer? Hm... I don't really have a use for that, so I dunno if I could really develop and test that... :/

And a bigger screen? Not sure about that one either... if I get my hands on a bigger LCD I might play around with it, but the 16x2 LCD format comes in a wide variety of physical dimensions... doesn't help to put more info on the screen at once, but I think the instant/current/trip screen setup is already an information overload as it is while driving!
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