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Originally Posted by FalconFour View Post

But... what do you mean by VSS pass through? You mean, reproduce a VSS signal on a signal pin to drive the speedometer? Hm... I don't really have a use for that, so I dunno if I could really develop and test that... :/
Yep, that's exactly it. My car currently needs 4000 pulses for the VSS, but once I change the tires to a larger size (for less rotations per mile) my speedo will read slower than the actual car speed. (and the odometer will read incorrectly, etc.)

So I wish there were a way to adjust for that deviation. A) for the MPGDuino to read correctly, and B ) to replace the input wire to the Gauge cluster, so it can read correctly.

Originally Posted by FalconFour View Post

And a bigger screen? Not sure about that one either... if I get my hands on a bigger LCD I might play around with it, but the 16x2 LCD format comes in a wide variety of physical dimensions... doesn't help to put more info on the screen at once, but I think the instant/current/trip screen setup is already an information overload as it is while driving!
I wasn't thinking to add more information onto a screen, but to highlight certain information with a larger font, while other less important information is still displayed, but doesn't catch my eye as quickly, unless I look for it.

I think increasing/decreasing the importance of some of the information would make it easier/faster to scan the screen at a quick glance.

Hope my explanations make sense.
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