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It would be rather simple to rig up a limit switch so that it turned on after 10deg of turning, but that may kill you. Also some switches at the base of the shifter could make it be on for 1, R and maybe 2, but it would shut down between gears. With big bag of switches and a micro possessor you could rig up something almost safe (until a switch breaks).
I just hope a deer (or a kid) doesn't jump out in front of you when you have it off, and your going slow (but not slow enough to stop).
Originally Posted by JasonG View Post
Flyby post:
Some sports car company was making speed sensitive steering, but i don't remember who.
Guess they were being ecco and didn't know it !
I think most car companies are doing that now, at least on some models. My girlfriend's '89 Toyota Cressada has it (though it was one of the first cars to offer it), every Subaru 2000 or newer has is. It's not rigged up the same way, and may not help over all eff at all, as far as I know it was only advertised as a "better feel for the road" type thing.
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