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Ever have one of those days . . .

when just about everything goes your way?

Yesterday the weatherman said to expect clouds, fog and maybe some sprinkles in the morning, with clearing in the afternoon and a high near 60. Instead it was clear all day and the temp on my car's thermometer on the way home was reading 67.

I filled up my car's tank on the way to work BEFORE the price went up during the day. Normally it goes up just before I need to fill up.

On my drive home the traffic was a little heavier than usual but flowed well and I found an 18 wheeler that was happy to punch a hole in the air for me most of the way home. When I got home I checked and for the 78 miles since the mornings fill-up I had averaged 34.2 MPG! Not bad for a 3.4l Impala.

I could use a few more days like this!

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