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I don't think you got all the components that were listed on the wiki. It looked like quite a bit of freestyling componentwise from the pictures. And the soldering has to be very well done. Soldering to the ground plane requires a good iron. The soldering didn't look very good from the picture that I saw. I am not trying to be critical. This is from someone that made a couple control boards that didn't work when I first started soldering. The isolation rings are very thin, and solder bridges can be catastrophic. It took practice for me to make a board correctly, but the last 15 or so I have soldered (and I've only done about 17) have worked as expected. There are too many other unknowns to blame a bad NAND, which has a failure rate from the factory of something like 1 in a billion.

One of the failure modes of a controller is basically a dead short across the battery pack. A fuse for the pack is an absolute must. A disclaimer is a very good idea on the wiki.

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