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I still think that driving huge darlingtons at 16kHz with that mosfet driver probably isn't a good idea. It's made for mosfets, and works for some IGBTs as long as a few modifications are made. But darlingtons require completely different gate drive. You didn't use the control board's driver section, if I remember right. Or at least you added some sort of mosfet as part of the driver section. That sounds like an interesting idea, but it's departing from the original purpose of the board. An LED can't speak about the 200 things that could go wrong in the assembly process. As a side note, what parts did you get from me? I suppose it was at least the microcontroller and control board. Was there anything else from me?

For the wiki, we could say, LED blinks if throttle or current sensor is out of range. Use a fuse. It's designed to drive mosfets, but can be made to work for at least some IGBTs. What other warnings?
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