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Originally Posted by Old Tele man View Post many TURBO-charged WWII fighter aircraft were there compared to SUPER-charged WWII fighter aircraft? Uh, none!

...(with all due respect to the Hallmark Cards™ slogan):

"...when you absolutely NEED maximum HP, use SUPER-charging."
"...when you absolutely NEED maximum FE, use TURBO-charging." brown-washing better than green-washing?
Uh, the B17 had exhaust driven trubosuperchargers. The P51 had two stage supercharging in the Packard built Merlin engine copy that ws originally on the Spitfire and many other Brit planes.

But it was not a fighter. I think some of the radial engine planes were turboed, but the mettalurgy was the weak point in turbocharging until after the war.

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