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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
I'm too busy right now teaching and totally over my head working from home on stuff that I have no business working on for not very much money, and the occasional kit. There haven't been any large group buys to really run prices down I think because the market just isn't very big.
Hey Paul,

Don’t throw in the towel yet !!! Hang in there !!! you just have to much going at once!

like you said “the market is small”, but in my opinion the DIY interest is still out there !!!.

I think you have reached the limit for the interest, and need for your “Rev C” controller kit. It was a good first step in proving your ideas, but time to move on ….

When your life slows down my advice would be for you to take the next step, focus on your new projects. Your new Universal AC/SR/DC controller project is an excellent idea, it would be very sad to see that idea die. Your time would be best spent on the firmware development for AC/SR/DC Universal Controller since you have most of the work on hardware already done.

The Wiki now has most of the information on the original and new ReVolt projects for anyone to make their own PCB’s or start a group purchase. Those interested in this forum should also contribute their expertise to ReVolt projects and keep the ReVolt forum alive, Paul can't do it all.

Again, just my opinion.


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