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Speed vs. MPG charts (post 'em if you got 'em)

Ever since I started lurking on Ecomodder (a few years ago), I've always been keen on the speed vs. mpg charts. Not only do they clearly show the influence of speed on mileage, they also provide a handy reference for people who don't yet have instrumentation, or folks interested in the efficiency slopes of other vehicles. I've searched and haven't found any collections of charts here, so I'm hoping this might become a place to store these charts as a reference. To kick things off, here are a few I've found from users here:

NOTE from admin: if you add a graph, PLEASE also include a link to the source site/page. Thanks!

2006 Toyota Corolla 1.6L Auto by MetroMPG

1998 Pontiac Firefly / Geo Metro 1.0L Manual by MetroMPG
from Speed kills: testing MPH vs. MPG in top gear -

2002 Nissan SE-R, 2006 Scion, Elantra by SentraSE-R

Assorted cars by Auto Bild Magazine
from Speed kills: testing MPH vs. MPG in top gear -

If you have any more, please post them. If you have an instrument (SGII, Ultragauge, etc) and are willing to compare your speed to mpg at a variety of speeds, that would also be appreciated. I would be happy to make charts for anyone who supplies me with a range of figures.

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