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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
About 1233 rpm @ 55 mph- jealous!

My impression is that the pickup truck driving crowd in general are most prone to making a higher speed/higher fe claim, even though aero kicks their butts the worst.
It's the crowd involved. It is not one that has high regard for FE, in general. I always get a kick out of someone towing a big 5'er claiming that slightly 70+ is the best, all-around, in mpg. It tells me -- these claims -- that no records about total fuel use are in place.

Same for "tuners" that magically increase both HP and FE. While such gains are theoretically possible they are essentially limited to stop-and-go traffic (as admitted by the president of one such company). I have yet to see good records combined with steady state driving to substantiate any claims viability (on otherwise stock trucks).

As to the topic I only know that empty or loaded (7k to 9k) my truck will, at 58 mph/1,725-rpm repeatedly, endlessly, deliver a 24-mpg average no matter winds, rain, day, night, traffic, etc. Can go up to 27 mpg, and, if the overhead display is interpreted, nearly 30-mpg at 50 mph over a 40 mile Louisiana backroad. Would be great to run a long course at 45 mph to see the "true" high (and experiment to run down the perfect rpm.) 24-26 is reported by other men in the South and South Central US with similar trucks, so my experience is not uncommon.

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