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Things that would be nice to see on the next AVR micro “Rev.E” Controller:

1. Different ATMEGA with more memory and I/O (but compatible with ATMEGA168).
2. Plug-in External Gate Driver/Power Supply (MOSFET or IGBT).
3. On-board CanBUS interface via SPI. - CAN-SPI Adapter
4. Throttle interface – Plug-in 5k Pot or TPS

The CanBUS interface would be nice on the “Rev.E” Controller because a lot of effort was done by Paul for a CanBUS BMS and Charger and could be used with the new ATMEGA controller. It would be added to RS-232 and Ethernet (adamj12b) communication ports.

The dsPIC is still a slick controller having up to 6 or 8 PWM independent or synchronized outputs. Depending on the firmware (1) universal controller could be configured for DC, SR, or AC systems. The DIY’er would just plug in an external MOSFET or IGBT driver / power module.

No reason that both controllers could be developed – ATMEGA for low cost DIY systems, and dsPIC for higher end DIY systems.

- Mark

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