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Hi everyone,

i just ordered my Open ReVolt KIT a week ago (I was at about page 200 in this thread) and have been making my way through all of the posts (I'm up to about 375).

I'm a mechanical guy not an electronics guy so of course a few things have me confused.

The kit I'm going to get is revision 2C. I've been looking all over and really cannot find a difinitive list of the hardware features and software features that will come with this controller.

I see functions to automate precharge and power up mentioned sometimes and sometimes not. I see RPM limiting mentioned amd sometimes not.

Is there a complete list of the functions that will come with the 2C package. Are there "Extra" features that can be added?

A little background on the proposed controllers use.

I have converted a Cub Cadet Garden tractor to EV. I use it for quarter scale tractor pullingas well as a ride around and light chore duty on the farm. I am going to be using it to pull a converted mower deck next year. Right now it is running at 48 volts with a 6.7 inch Prestolite 24 volt motor and an Alltrax 7245 controller. The tractor weighs in at 1150 lbs. ready to pull I plan on a 120 volt pack of 20 16 ah hawkers for now so getting up to 500 motor amps is possible.

For pulling I want/need more voltage to get the wheel speed up. So on any weekend I might expose the controller to a gentle tour around the farm or I might hook it to a 10,000 lb. weight transfer sled. When I pull I will be most likely getting all the kW available in the battery pack for 15 or 20 seconds.

Are there any suggestions on modifications from the people out there using the controller. I will be placing the controller on top of a 12 x 8 inch finned/fan cooled heat sink. The controller will be up under the hood of the tractor so it will not be exposed to too much weather.

What about tinning the Buss Bars?
Fan cooling inside the case?
Water cooling the heat spreader?
Can the controller be programmed to only work with a specified voltage even though the pack my be much higher.
Motor stall is a concern when pulling. If I'm reading correctly the controller will protect itself the motor and pack from this.
Rpm limiting has been mentioned is this part of the 2C package

Any suggestions or help is accepted.

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