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hello every one! its Russ i finally got around to making a login... lol
so i have been doing some testing and... i did something dumb... haha. I tested the motor rpm... it is rated at 3000 rpm i was only getting 2200 rpm... why you ask? when i smoothed out the brushes i did not smooth them out to the right radius for the commutator... so only the center of the brushes were hitting. i thought they would "burn" to the right radius, and they are but it was taking a lot longer that i would have thought, so i took them out and smoothed them out to the right radius and BAM! it was running much closer to 3000 rpm, and should have a lot more HP. its raining here so i did not get the chance to test ride it but i will keep you posted.

my cardoamin is
I will post the Elconvertible Sunday! look for it!

This meet up would be fun!! i think it would take me a wile to get there tho... maybe i can go to gas stations and "plug in" i must unplug there pop machines first!!! haha

Cya! Russ
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