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Originally Posted by LouMan View Post
hey anybody is there a help file on how to use the rtd explorer I got a new micro from Paul lastnight and it fixed my control board I finally got to play with it after a year of sitting on my desk, see I knew the old one was bad lol.
but anyway I got to play with the rtd explorer also for the first time, I'm using the throttle off the old intake and the the 5k pot (tps) has a closed ohm reading of around 700 ohm's and a wide open reading off around 4700 ohm's the rtd TR (throttle)= 150 closed and 511 max throttle I have 2 errors high throttle lockout and vref, how do I program it to set the throttle to zero? or exept the 700 ohm as the closed throttle position and were do I look for the v-ref error?
I used a pot on the current feedback so i can trick the controller 0 to full current reading works.
has a help pdf been writen on how to do all the tricks with rtd explorer? this is old news for everybody else but this is the first time I got to play with it.
if anybody thats a pro with the program could write a good tips and tricks for it and how it effects your driving would be a great resource.
thanks Louie..............
Hi Lou,

You need to look at the raw count that the throttle is when just sitting there. You take this value and set it to t-min-rc ### . You do the same for full throttle. Move the throttle to full throttle and check the ADC values. Set this value to t-max-rc ###. The max number will be smaller then the min number.

As for vref, the pot your using is out of range. It has to be at 2.50V when the controller turns on. Vref can only be cleared by resetting the controller. You can do this from RTD Explorer. If you go to help and command list, you will find all the commands that you can use. I cant remember the one that reboots the controller right now I think its "restart".

When your done updating the throttle settings, type save to write the changes to EEPROM.

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You can download RTD Explorer for the Cougar controllers at
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