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If Adam were a trout, he would definitely be a keeper. I have no idea how to work most of the features on the serial port. Hey! Mr. Bigh sent me the money to order 35 boards and I ordered them tonight. I"m going to ship them to him, and anyone that wants one can work it out with him. They will have a black soldermask, indicating that they are quite sinister. Sinister and awesome. Now we just need a control board to match. I think I have pneumonia. So it will be some time during christmas break that I would get to something like that.

EDIT: Oh ya, the boards will be here in maybe 15 days or something. 12 days to manufacture them, and then super fast international shipping. And these people work on sunday, let me tell you! Last time I submitted one, they were emailing me back throughout the weekend until everything was correct. Don't tell Moses that though.

But the upshot is, my 3 year old won the pine wood derby today! hahahahaha. Everyone else was like 8 years old or older. I guess the 8 year olds didn't have access to a CNC mill for their cars. hehe. It takes like 3 seconds of online research to find out that all the weight needs to be in the back of the car. Soooooo Just mill 99.999% of the weight of the car out of it, and then stack a bunch of blocks of lead on top of each other in back! Bam! It doesn't look like a car anymore, in fact, my son was pretty depressed about how it looked. 100% function, 0% form. My life philosophy!
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