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Hello Everyone, I have been lurking here following this thread. I must say, you guys are very talented and most of you seem to be capable electricians, programmers, engineers, electronics experts ect.

This is a very long thread and I started reading from page one...
Paul, Sabrina and everyone else here has done a fantastic job thus far. But most of you guys all be it probably in-advertantly drew a line in the sand between yourselves and the average novice such as myself stumbling across this forum.

What may seem to be elementary or common sense to you guys leave the non electronics capable person scratching their head and left in the dark due to a lack of detailed explanation/wiki/novice instructions of build, install and start up procedures. I do believe there is a much larger market and audience than some of you are aware of.

If you isolate the average Joe based on electronics knowledge and his or her ability to follow the at times vague instructions, fail to provide the instructions necessary for a novice build, you are not only limiting your audience but crippling growth, and effectively driving away the very people that will make all of your efforts a success or failure.

I do see the potential and appreciate all of your hard work on this open source project, but people will loose interest if you can not establish a sense of security for the novice to participate in the build without fear of in ability to complete the assembly due to a lack of detail and novice instructions. You have to remember, that if everyone was as knowledgeable in this field, there would be no reason to dig through a 400 page forum thread post by post!

This is an Open Source Project, now with that being said, anyone that stumbles on this thread, site, wiki should feel as though they can successfully complete this build.
Make it appealing to the masses, not just the
Well enough of the rant, I hope to build an EV soon, thanks to you all for your hard work.
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