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no nickname , it's just a car - '04 volkswagen golf tdi
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use the car to tell you what fuel it likes

screw the political fuel purchase choices
let the car decide for you
i have been using shell 87 octane because in this area shell is the only fuel retailer that sells top tier fuel and
my car has shown a preference for shell based on FE results
i was in a hurry so i got 1 tank full of mobil 87
and noticed a big GAIN in FE ? compared to long term logged results for shell ?
could be an error on my part ? so the next tank was shell again .
either way
MOST of the profits do not go to the oil companies
they go to the GOVERNMENT in the form of taxes to oil speculators and on taxes to oil company profits and taxes on shareholder profits and finally
plain old taxes at the pump to the final purchaser
but all the taxes in the chain have also been passed on to
as a Business expense - the enemy is not the big oil companies

it is your own government - do you think they will tamper with their revenue stream ?
completely and fully paid for by ...

Originally Posted by RH77 View Post
I have been using Castrol (BP) as my engine oil of choice -- which has to change. I may just go back to Mobil (non-synth), but they're the reason I switched to Castrol (Mobil boycott).

Similar problems for anyone???

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