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1990 CRX HF unmolested
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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post

PS: unmolested CRX HF? Envious.
Yeah with 155k miles on it too.. Only one modification.. an alpine stereo but stock speakers... I scored big time.. I wont tell you what I paid cuz you will be annoyed. I was patient and it paid...

I'll check the sub section.. I've determined a monitor is #1 way to get better MPG on an HF.. and I think I am right.. its all about the right foot.... I dont even know if I have cruise control (did any HF come with it?)... but I want to do a cruise based on throttle position... saw some messages about it.. I CANNOT BELIEVE manufactures are not doing economy modes on cruise control... although I have no hard data to indicate it would have as big effect on MPG as I think it would...

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