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Originally Posted by mrbigh View Post
The IGBT driver boards will be available shortly and are being manufacture as we speak.
These will be capable to interface with the 3 phase AC drive and /or the SR controller that Paul & Sabrina will offer.
Price will be as always, very affordable plus shipping.
I might offer a parts kit to go along with the PCBs as a total package.
Now, we are also taking commitment orders in a " Group BUY" for the VLA500-01 driver integrators that will be mounted on the aforementioned boards.
Hi MRBigh.
Can you you pm me with all the details on the igbt driver board? I want to start putting my unit together and need to work out pricing.
wakinyantanka (by the way Paul, it means "The Great Thunderbird". I am a big fan of the Ford classic and the MN12 Super Coupe.)
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