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Budget chevy lumina project.

Hello. My name is Joe. I'm a a college student getting hit hard by gas prices. I've been riding the bus this semester for my 80 mile round trip to the University of Kansas from Kansas City.

I bought my '96 Chevy Lumina in '05 for $280! Of course I didn't expect it to last as long as it has, but to tell the truth, I think it runs better now than when I bought it. I've put ~30k on the car in the past 3 years. (I don't drive much.)

So far, my mods have been completely stripping the interior in the rear. (Rear seat, carpet, seat belts, spare tire, sound deadening). I also removed the rear spoiler and luggage rack.

I'm getting mid 20's hypermiling w/o a scangauge.

Future mods I hope to accomplish are downsizing tires from 205s to 175s or 190s. I've purchased Megasquirt (engine control module) for another project and I'm looking into possibly programming a lean burn type profile to use with the Lumina, similar to what the Honda Insight uses.

KU School of Engineering
'72 Datsun 240z
'96 Chevy lumina
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