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Originally Posted by ihatejoefitz View Post
Hello. My name is Joe. I'm a a college student getting hit hard by gas prices. I've been riding the bus this semester for my 80 mile round trip to the University of Kansas from Kansas City.

I bought my '96 Chevy Lumina in '05 for $280! Of course I didn't expect it to last as long as it has, but to tell the truth, I think it runs better now than when I bought it. I've put ~30k on the car in the past 3 years. (I don't drive much.)

So far, my mods have been completely stripping the interior in the rear. (Rear seat, carpet, seat belts, spare tire, sound deadening). I also removed the rear spoiler and luggage rack.

I'm getting mid 20's hypermiling w/o a scangauge.

Future mods I hope to accomplish are downsizing tires from 205s to 175s or 190s. I've purchased Megasquirt (engine control module) for another project and I'm looking into possibly programming a lean burn type profile to use with the Lumina, similar to what the Honda Insight uses.
Welcome to the site. Sounds like you might want to look into areo mods if the commute is a lot of highway. Driver mods will give you the best bang for the buck slowing down and making sure the car is tuned up will show a big improvement.
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