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Originally Posted by trebuchet03 View Post
Just curious... what was the average altitude above sea level? Any idea what the pressure was?

And whoa! 290K miles Nice work :P
I think Wendover is about 4,300-feet elevation.Sorry,don't have barometric pressure data for those two days.Roadburn,lack of sleep,etc.,makes for sloppy data gathering.I suppose NOAA could provide the data from their archives.It's kind of hectic out there,pulling stuff off the car and then getting back in line to run again.Curiously,the car ran faster at the Chrysler Proving Grounds,with 42-degree air.I have complete weather data for those runs,as CAR and DRIVER carry weather recording instruments with them when they test there.Best I can figure,is that even though the drag was higher with the denser air,the engine was developing closer to its rated power,good for about a 1-1/2-mph higher topspeed ( 98 vs 96.6 mph ).Around Lubbock,Tx the car pulled a clean 100-mph on numerous occasions.
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