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good Cd

Originally Posted by Cd View Post
The angle of the back end is really steep - about the same as a new Beetle.
How did he get such a good Cd with all that flow separation ? ( and where were these results tested at )
Thanks for posting Phil.
Cd,the Cd I posted is a SWAG on my part,it's probably too low.I was considering basjoos AeroCivic with Cd 0.17,the P-100 has a more GTP type windshield so I cut it some slack.
Automobile Magazine offers no additional data.Honda Motor Company offers nothing at GOOGLE to help us.
All we have is a 50-mm photo and a caption.
With respect to the roofline,it is too steep although there is evidence going back to Jaray,Kamm,Fachsenfeld,Lay,Carl Breer,etc.,that whenever you stuff the wake, it shows up positive at the gas pump.The 40+% aft-body,even if mediocre,is still producing a streamlining function.
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