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high point

Originally Posted by Rokeby View Post
Aero-tyro weighs in:

To my eye, the high point on the modified car is at the top
of the B-pillar. Loaded rear suspension due mods at rear?

Doesn't that mean the template should be positioned there,
vice at the after end of the roof?

It appears that there would then be a closer match between
car and template, with some small portion of the rear window
above the template. Aero speaking, how bad would that be?

Is the rear window tapered side to side to a central ridge or
is it smoothly curved?
Rokeby,I enlarged the photos to 11"X 17" and used my drafting instruments to locate the position of max roof camber as indicated in the two images.
If I've erred there and the high point is as you mention,having the roofline go outside the template wouldn't be a big deal.The M-B C-111 III does it,also GM Sunraycer,MG Ex-181,and others.
As far as the backlight,there's no other views of the car,especially in plan view.Looking at the highlights reflected off the glass I would presume that the backlight is of compound form.There would be some pretty serious vortices coming off there.
There's no way to know if the cars were ballasted or not.
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