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kyleyadon, sounds like a fun project you have ahead of you.
Just a suggestion which you probably wont like but ill say it anyway, you will find it far easier to get higher MPG with a 2 liter manual. So if you still have a choice on cars then i would recommend looking around, it might save you money and time later on, I hope you can find another cheap car that is a bit more suited to ecomodding.
From my car modding i am getting close to 35mpg now and i starting to run out of easy to medium difficulty mods and i have a 2.1 L auto

To answer your question, i agree with the above post, i suspect your not likely to see much gain out of high flow intake and exhaust at a guess maybe 2%. I would be very happy to be proved wrong here though i have not seen any proper test data on people trying this mod.
You will get a large gain out of an electric radiator fan rather than a belted one (if that is what you have) also power steering delete however not sure if your model would have that.
anyway there are plenty more ideas for mods, have a look at the wiki if your after any other random ideas. It has cost and time estimates of most mods.
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