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Bonneville -class

Originally Posted by Big Dave View Post
What class are you thinking of competing in, Phil?

From what Iíve seen, get a trailer and an RV. A trip to Bonneville is an adventure in logistics. Besides, serious race vehicles always arrive on a trailer. Engineering is a collection of managed compromises and the trailer eases the compromises towards going fast.

As a prelude to Bonneville, some people now try the Texas Mile. One-fifth scale Bonneville on pavement. Not quite the logistical nightmare of Bonneville.
Big Dave,the Utah Salt Flats Racing Assoc. has a pre-Speedweek weekend,where members can do final shakedowns before the big event.They let me run the CRX as an experimental daily-driver streamliner.I was interested in accurate top speed data for the aero kit and during the "fully-dressed" runs,inadvertently set a club speed record for 1.3-liter,normally-aspirated,gas,coupe.The T-100,with present gearing hits it's horsepower peak at 128-mph.The truck redlines at 158-mph.For the aero and rolling-resistance loads documented on the truck,it looks like I might squeeze 130-mph out of it.Don't know.To make the attempt,I've got to have at least V-rated tires.The tires I've looked at are so wide,I don't want them,and am now looking at Goodyear racing tires.That means I have to carry them to Utah and switch at the course.I thought,since I have to pull a trailer,why not make it a streamliner trailer which integrates to the T-100,with fully articulated gap fillers,which all together,creates a streamliner thats 33-feet long and Cd0.11? Formulas say it would be good for 47-mpg on the interstate.Aside from running the truck,the USFRA might let me run the truck/trailer combination on the course.I don't know of anyone who's attempted that,and I'm intrigued by the possiblities! Also,it gives me kind of a gypsy-mobile that I can sleep out of for the round-trip,'cause my finances aren't any better than Burt Munro's.It would be quite an adventure.
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