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Originally Posted by Jammer View Post
I should of known that BP would still make a large profit, but I wonder how much of the pie is from sales of fuel versus sales of soda-pop, candy, lotto tickets, cigs all being sold in thier gas stations. I get the feeling the gas gets the customers to stop, but the hard profit is made on all the over price junk they sell inside every station.

Check out BP Solar. It turns out the are heavy vested into solar systems for homes! BP is more diversified than many think.
Most oil companies are very diversified, even into drugs, TV, medicine and obviously alternative energy.

Chevron owns rights NiMH technology that GM sold to the for no good reason.

You will find many of the patents regarding producing biodiesel from coal stacks (aka microalgae oil and sea creatures) are also owned by large interests. They know oil is going to slowly come down so they need to control the next thing to stay profitable.
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