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Originally Posted by dcb View Post
Glad it gets 40+ hiway, and glad to have a manual option, and costs less than $40k. But, as others have noted, whys it gotta weigh 3000lbs? Thats why the city mileage blows.
Less than $40,000?? Try less than half of that amount for the model I seen on the lot. It had a 2.8L, EPA 35MPG, sticker price somewhere around 17K to 18K with a few options. Combine the mileage with the very positive reviews with the price, I feel this car will be very competitive unless GM has some recall- I would not expect any major safety recall with their car given the hours of testing it had.

Did I read somewhere that GM is charging MORE for the ECONO Cruise? If true, that is something they did NOT do with the XFE Cobalts, they were priced very closed to the regular Cobalts that had EPA values reflecting 3 to 4 miles per gallon less, depending on year of model.


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