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Originally Posted by Lazarus View Post
Welcome to the site. Sounds like you might want to look into areo mods if the commute is a lot of highway. Driver mods will give you the best bang for the buck slowing down and making sure the car is tuned up will show a big improvement.
Thanks. I keep the engine under 2,000 RPM and do a lot of EOC. As far as aero mods, I'm kind of at a loss. There is no real grill opening on the Lumina, but I am planning to take off the mirrors.

Originally Posted by RH77 View Post
Welcome to EM, and fellow Kansas City area resident...

What engine do you have in the Lumina -- 3.1 or 3.4?

Also, is the Check-engine light on, by chance? If so, I would diagnose anything that would cause it to run inefficiently, and see if inexpensive fixes are available. Mid 25's are OK -- but if it's the 3.1 averages tend to be a bit higher.

I would look into that first -- great bargain for 30K miles of driving though!

Best FE to ya!

It does have the 3.1, and the check engine light is on. I've scanned it, and if I remember correctly it was the cat.

I also have a 2001 Lumina in the family and I drive it to Seattle every summer. It averages 32 mpg highway / 23 mpg combined.
*Edit: The '01 is stock, with tire pressure between 45-50.

I'm shooting for 40 mpg highway with the '96. I know I have some work to do.
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