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Crazy radiator idea

A weird radiator idea

Construction materials: Aluminum sheets, and piping

Build a car underbody tray out of the aluminum sheets. Make sure all the sheets are solidly physically connected together. They don't have to be welded, but atleast some overlap and firm pressing.

Zigzag a few times along the length of the car, under neath, pressed against, above the aluminum sheets some form of piping that conveys heat decently well. Have it distribute the heat from the piping into the aluminum sheets.

Have the engine coolant run through the pipes before it hits the radiator. This will reduce the need for a radiator.

Insulate the exhaust manifold (or header), exhaust pipes, and for the hell of it, even the muffler.

This will reduce under car temperatures, which will allow the sheets to cool down from undercar wind.

This will in effect make the underside of your car a radiator.

The next part of the trick, is to use a temperature controlled grillblock.

Completely using plexiglass block off the top grill. For the lower grill, use any of the forum's designs for temperature controlled automated grillblock.

Put some tape over the cracks into the engine compartment for the hood, headlights, etc. Get it pretty well sealed off.

I'm not sure how well this would work, but it was an idea.

What inspired me was reading an article about running the coolant fluid through the frame of the car to reduce radiator dependancy.

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