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luvit's new $400 ride:

a 1993 mercury topaz V6 AT
why was this used car dealership car $400? -- no power steering (PS) fluid.
lol. i poured a quart into the reservoir and voila, power steering enabled.. i'll fix the leaky PS hose this weekend. -- there are some other cheap repairs to do, also.

i was tempted to leave the PS off, but man, it sure did turn hard and slow. maybe some light cars turn easier than heavier cars when the PS fails.
i feared no PS could be a safety issue, like pulling out of parking lots onto busy streets, and quick lane changes.

i realize that no PS will force you to drive more eco friendly, because you can't take the risks.. but i drive through metro cleveland, and quick wheel turns can help you be defensive with the major idiots.

anyway, the broken PS helped me talk down a dealership from a $500 price to $400.. all for $20 worth of PS hose and my time.

a fair-looking car, runs excellent, and the money saved mostly pays for brand new tires.

before i made the offer, i went to the ATM and only pulled out $400 cash.. so it was $400 out-the-door, which included tax and tags.

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