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Originally Posted by camopaint0707 View Post
nice how many miles?
71,000 miles! it purrs quietly.

Originally Posted by RobertSmalls View Post
Hey, it's this guy! Haven't seen this guy since, what, March?

Nice price on the Tempaz. Too bad about the slushbox, the displacement, the curb weight, and the aerodynamics. What mods do you have planned? Gonna remove all but one seat?
yeah, march.. about the time my accord was "fixed".. a mechanic did something that causes average FE.. i can't reverse the problem with what little time i can tinker with it.. i need to open a thread about my accord's problem, but first i need to check timing.

no mods planned for this topaz.. this will go to my daughter in the next month or so and she likes stock, but that may change over time. she will have to pay for her own fuel.
i'll always keep my seats in a multi-passenger car. lol.

i'm into higher FE, but i also like stock.
i can't appear to be an aerocivic wannabe.. either i go all the way, like aerocivic, or i stay pretty subtle.

ecomodders have taught me a lot, and so did my civic hybrid in 2004. someday i may build a kit car like Zoleco or aerocivic. -- i would like to review the single passenger car options again so i can hopefully do something about it by next spring.

dang, my last two posts have been long.
single person car thread
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